This Just In: Piece o’ Cake

How about a dessert game to play while you’re having dessert?  Piece o’ Cake is a deliciously fun 20 minute game.

Everyone knows the cake rule:  one person cuts, the other chooses.  In this way, one makes the slices as equal as possible so that one does not end up with the short end.  But this rule does not apply to Piece o’ Cake.  Here a person can cleverly offer larger pieces to the others and still get the most in the end.
Five cakes with eleven slices of different varieties are divided.  Each variety awards a different amount of points.  Only skilled dividers with an eye on their opponents’ pieces can score the most points and win the game.

Stop in and take home “dessert”.  At Off The Charts Games we offer a smorgasbord of board games, card games, dice games, and puzzles.  We are at 30 NW 2nd St. in Historic Downtown Gresham.

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