Game Arrivals: July 14th – 20th

This week’s game arrivals include the following:

The much anticipate game from Fantasy Flight is now available again.  Letters From Whitechapel is a game of deduction and bluffing.

Letters From Whitechapel
Fantasy Flight

It’s 1888 London and the infamous Jack The Ripper is on the loose. One player is Jack The Ripper who secretly chooses a hideout location. The remaining players are detectives chasing the illusive Jack through the tangled streets and alleys of the Whitechapel district.  Jack’s goal is to claim 5 victims without being caught.  After claiming a victim however, Jack must return to his hideout before going after another victim increasing his chances of being caught. The detectives must work together to catch and arrest Jack in order to stop him from claiming any more victims.

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Z-Man Games
For those who take wine and gaming seriously, Vinhos combines many different game mechanics into a sophisticated strategy game.

You are wine producers in Portugal.  Your goal is to produce and present the best wines at the Wine Tasting Fairs in order to win the most victory points. You will accomplished this by expanding your vineyards throughout the different wine regions, selling, and exporting wine.  Additionally, utilizing enologists and wine experts will help you increase the quality of your wine and enhance your wine’s features, respectively.

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Once Upon A Time
The Storytelling Card Game

Atlas Games

Once Upon A Time: The Storytelling Card Game as the box cover depicts, has a fairytale theme.  The artwork on the cards puts you right in a fairytale world.

At the start of the game each player will receive a secret Story Ending card along with a hand of Story Element cards.  Game play begins with one player as a Storyteller. The Storyteller begins telling a story using the elements from the cards in their hand with the goal of channeling the story towards their particular story ending.  The other players will use their Story Element cards to interrupt the Storyteller in order to become the new Storyteller and attempt to end the story with their unique ending.  But in order to end the story your way you must have played all of your Story Element cards.

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  • Doctor Who
  • Formula D
  • King of Tokyo

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