Game Arrivals: Week of 16th – 22nd

New new new – More games and expansions in this week’s arrivals.

Smash Up
Science Fiction Double Feature


It’s now here!  Just in from AEG is the latest Smash Up game expansion, Science Fiction Double Feature.

Now you can add Time Travelers, Cyborg Apes, Super Spies, and Shapeshifters to your choice of factions to combine to smash your opponents.  Your goal is still total world domination.  These new minions provide more ways to crush your enemy bases in this fast-paced shuffle building card game. Score 15 victory points and win the game.

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Also newly released is this latest in the Timeline series from Asmodee, Timeline Music & Cinema. As with the other themes in this series, each can be played as a stand-alone game or combined with the other themes.
Timeline Music & CinemaAsmodee
The goal of Timeline is to be the first to rid your hand of cards. A timeline is started in the center of the table with a starting card date side up.  In turn players will select a card from their hand only seeing the written historical event and places it before or after a card already in the timeline.  The card is then flipped over and the date is revealed.  If it is correctly placed in the timeline it remains.  However, if it is not in the correct date sequence that card is discarded and the player must take a card from the draw pile into their hand.  Be the first to place all your cards and you win.
The other themes in the Timeline series include: Diversity, Historical Events, Science & Discoveries, and Inventions all of which we have in stock.

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Marvel Legendary
Paint The Town Red

Upper Deck Entertainment

Newly released and in from Upper Deck Entertainment is Paint The Town Red, the third expansion to the Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game.

Paint The Town Red expansion features the long awaited appearance of Black Suit Spiderman as well as the evil Mastermind, Carnage.

This expansion comes with 100 playable cards featuring all original art.

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  • Suburbia Inc.
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Ingenious
  • Telestrations

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