Game Profile: Top 5 Rummy

The card game with a twist!

Classification Card Game
Mechanics Set Collection
Publication Ravensburger, 2013
Ages 8+
Time 20 – 40
Players 2 – 4
If you’re looking for
a game of
Rummy with a twist, Top 5 Rummy is the game for you.  The game comes from designer Rüdiger Dorn who
did the games
Las Vegas, Istanbul, & Dragonheart.
The goal in Top 5
is to be the first player to collect number
cards that complete 5 of the 7 available tasks. 
There are 9 available double-sided tasks tiles describing 18 different
tasks that can be used to provide variety. 
The game board is where the twist comes in.  It is made up of a price wheel and a card
tray with 8 slots.  Each card slot lines
up with a price value on the price wheel.  The draw deck consists of 4 colors of cards
with 2 sets numbered 1 – 10 in each color. 
At the start of the game a card is drawn and placed face up in each of
the card slots on the game board.  Each
of the 8 cards will line up with a price value above it indicated on the price
wheel.  This indicates how much it costs
to buy that card or how many chips a player can receive for adding a card to
that slot.  No more than 2 cards can
occupy a particular card slot at a time. 
Any time a card is purchased from the card tray the price wheel rotates
one space. The cards in the card tray now will align with a new price
value.  A card that had a price value of
-0- before the wheel rotated would now have a price value of 7 after the turn
of the wheel.  Players start with a hand
of 5 cards and take turns buying and selling cards trying to collect the
necessary cards to complete the tasks. 
They will need to manage their coins and their hands plus keep track of
how the price wheel on the board is turning. 
The tasks to be completed are straight forward things like 5 even
numbered cards, a full house, 3 of a kind, etc. 
Each task tile has 4 player spots that can be occupied when completed.  A player may occupy only one spot on each
task tile.  The timing of completing
tasks to gain a spot on the tiles is critical as these spots can yield a
positive effect such as gaining coins or additional cards or a negative effect
such as losing some of your coins or discarding cards from your hand.  It is best to be the first to complete a task
and gain a reward spot than to be the last to complete and get a negative consequence.
 Remember, it only takes 5 completed
tasks to win.
We have an open copy of Top 5 Rummy available in our Demo
Games Library for you come in and try.

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