Game Arrivals: Oct. 12th – 18th

in and see what games are now in stock

Following is a preview of the games and game expansions that came in this week:

Originally scheduled for a January 2015 release, La Isa arrived ahead of schedule.  This is the latest game from designer Stefan Feld (Bora Bora, Castles of Burgundy, Burges, Rialto, Amerigo and more).

La Isla
In La Isa you have a team of 5 explorers that you will send to the tropical island of La Isla searching and collecting creatures considered extinct ages ago. You will play cards to perform special functions, receive key resources, and to score victory points for the creatures you have collected.  

The game board is made up of various shaped tiles placed randomly around a 10-sided central tile. There are 45 animal tokens consisting of 5 different types. Only 35 of the animal tokens will be in play in a given game. Each player will have a team of 6 figurine explorers one of which will be a scoring marker.

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Welcome aboard again!  AEG has released Trains: Rising Sun, a follow up to the original game Trains. While Trains Rising Sun is a stand-alone game it can also be combined with the original Trains for even greater combinations and game play.

Trains – Rising Sun

Like the original Trains, Trains: Rising Sun is a deck-building games where you are building the strongest system of rails. Your cards not only allow you to buy other cards to tune your deck, but they will also allow you to build train stations and rail lines along the game board. The goal of the game is to have the most powerful railway network. You accomplish this by collecting Victory Points from cards, railways, and stations.

In addition to the Nagoya map board for 2 to 4 players, included are 2 map boards designed specifically for 2-player games.

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Just in time for Halloween is Monster Fluxx from Looney Labs.

Monster Fluxx
Looney Labs

Let the monster mash begin.  Add some frightfully fun to your Fluxx game play.

This is a simple card game where everyone begins by drawing a card and then playing one card from their hand.  Seems simple enough.  But that’s just where the fun begins.  Monster Fluxx features monster themed cards that change the basic rules and object of the game creating ghoulish chaos.
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New game expansions include:

Firefly The Game
Blue Sun
Gale Force Nine

Includes new nav, job, and

supply, cards. Two additional
Reaver Cutters and new rules
put the ‘Verse on high alert.

Marvel Legendary
Guardians of the Galaxy

Getting cosmic with this

expansion. Recruit all 5
Guardians to the game for
some new and amazing
game play.

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In our children’s game section these Ravenburger games arrived:

  • Spell It Out! – new.  Aimed at ages 4 and up this play and learn game develops letter association , spelling strategies, and reading & word recognition.  This game teaches kids which letters belong with which word.
  • Dream Cakes! – back in stock.  Also from Ravensburger, this is a game of creative cake-making aimed at ages 4 and up.  Create scrumptious looking cakes with beautiful mix-an-match pieces.
  • Labyrinth – back in stock. Aimed at ages 7 and up, this popular maze game of twists and turns gets you thinking on how to create a route to your quest while trying to hinder your opponents.  The cards will determine your quest. To create your route through the maze you will insert an extra tile that will move walls and open passages. You will move your player piece along your route stopping at a point that puts you either at your quest or in a position closer to your quest.

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