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A huge Thanks to all of you who came on Saturday and participated in the 3rd Annual International TableTop Game Day event.  You certainly made this an absolutely fun day – – so much laughter and so many board games were played.  

Here are a few pictures of the day.

Oh the games we played
Nathan gets a game of
Merchants and Marauders

and its expansion to the table.
K2  and Murano 
getting play time.

Arkham Horror, another
big game to hit the tables.
Lords of Xidit
Betrayal At House On The Hill

Some of the many lucky drawing winners:
Dark Seas winner
Bioshock Infinite winner

Dead Of Winter winner
Batman Love Letter winner
Lost Legacy The Starship

The games and drawing winners continued into the evening.


Did each find their partner in crime?

Lords of Waterdeep
in full swing

Beastie Bar

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