Game Arrivals: May 17th – 23rd

Come in and check out this week’s game arrivals.

Dice Hate Me Games
New from
Dice Hate Me Games is Diner, winner
of their 54-Card Challenge and created by Matthew O’Malley.

Diner is a
fast-paced card game about waiters in a friendly competition to make the most
money in tips.
The game puts players in the shoes of waiters serving patrons at a greasy spoon.  The goal is to earn the most in tips by gathering plates of various types from the kitchen and then serving them to a table of patrons in your section demanding certain orders.  The real magic of the game is in the pseudo-real time action system.
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Adding to our selection of children’s games are these from HABA:


Monza is a car racing game that helps develop strategic thinking for kids 5+.

Taking on the role of race car drivers, 2-6 players will race their wooden cars around an oval track.  The roll of the 6 dice will determine which lanes and how far you will advance your car.  Match the color on each die to the lanes on the track and hope you can come up with the right combination to zoom ahead of the other racers.

Who will make clever combinations and thus use as many colors as thrown with the dice in order to get his or her racing car over the finishing line first? 

Animal Upon Animal
Animal Upon Animal is a wobbly stacking game for animal piling kids ages 4+. The goal of the game is to be the 1st to get all of your animals stacked on the pyramid. 

With the crocodile starting as the base of the pyramid, players take turns rolling the die to determine the action that will be taken.  If the die reveals a single dot, the player will place one of their animals on top of the crocodile.  If it’s 2 dots, then the player must stack 2 animals.  With the crocodile symbol the player places one of their animals so that it is touching the mouth or the tail of the crocodile.  This increases the base area of the pyramid.
With the hand symbol the player will give one of their animals to an opponent who must then stack it on the pyramid.  If a question mark is rolled the opponents get to pick which animal the player must stack on the pyramid.

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