Game Arrivals: June 21st – 27th

Come in and see this week’s game arrivals.

Here’s a look at this week’s game arrivals:

In from Fantasy Flight is Forbidden Stars, a big game of interstellar space warfare.

Forbidden Stars
Fantasy Flight

Each player will take command of one of 4 factions: the Ultramarines – the finest soldiers of the Space Marines Chapters, the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines – a band of traitors, the Craftworld Iyanden Eldar – cunning and mysterious, and the Evil Sunz Orks – a band of brutish and barbaric warriors. Each faction has faction-specific components that are distinguished by their color or their faction symbol.  Each faction seeks to reclaim lost relics and sites of power that are vital to their survival. To accomplish this, they must harvest resources, upgrade their forces, and conquer the worlds.

We got a good look at Forbidden Stars when we attended the GAMA Convention this past spring.  Tom Vasal, Rodney Smith, and 2 other players appeared to be having a ton of fun playing this game.

Watch this video for an overview of Forbidden Stars by Rodney Smith

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From Cryptozoic is Spyfall, an easy-to-learn card game of bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion for 3 to 8 players.


Spyfall is played over a series of rounds. At the beginning of each round, players are dealt a secret card that is either a location card or a SPY card.  All of the players that hold a location card will have the same location be it a casino, a passenger train, a theater, a space station, etc. One and only one player will have a SPY card. No one knows what card the other players hold. The objective of the game through questions and answers, is for the spy to figure out the location of the group and for the non-spy players to figure out who holds the SPY card. Non-Spy players want to ask questions and give answers that prove that they know the location but are careful enough not to be too specific causing the Spy to easily guess the location and win. The player with the Spy card needs to sound as if they know the location when they don’t.  Everyone needs to practice a bit of subtlety.

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Everyone likes a good fairy tale – happy endings right?  Well, Atlas Games has put a “Gloom“y spin on your favorite fairy tales.  Just released and in stock is Fairy tale Gloom, a follow up to Atlas Games’ award winning card game, Gloom: 2nd Edition  a game of morbid humor.

Fairy tale Gloom
Atlas Games

Let’s face it: Fairy tales are awful. Wolves and old women eat children, giants fall from the sky, and even young girls break-and-enter to steal porridge from unsuspecting families. 

In Fairy tale Gloom, custom collections of fairy tale characters like Jack, Gretel, Puss in Boots, and Little Red Riding Hood do their best to stay happy, but circumstances conspire to rain woe on their sad, benighted heads.

Fairytale Gloom plays in the same fashion as Gloom where each player is trying to make their collection of characters as miserable as possible and eventually die. Conversely, you will try to bestow as much happiness on your opponents’ collection of characters trying to prevent their untimely deaths.

Fairytale Gloom is a stand-alone game that can also be combined with Gloom: 2nd Edition, Cthulhu Gloom and expansions.

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Brew Crafters
Dice Hate Me Games
A worker placement
strategy board game
centered around
crafting beers.
Z-Man Games
A co-operative
game where the
fate of humanity
is in your hands.
Smash Up
Pretty Pretty

Smash Up Expans.
A fast-paced deck
building card game
that you can’t live
Ticket To Ride
India/Switzerland Map
Days of Wonder
Expansion map to
the base game
Ticket To Ride or
Ticket To Ride Europe.

The Walking Dead

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