Game Profile: The Game Of 49

Chips in a row – Money under
the table – Game on the line.

Classification Lite Strategy Game
Mechanics Area Control, Auction Bidding
Publication Markee Games, 2014
Ages 10+
Time 30-45
Players 2 – 5

The Game Of 49 is a quick playing game that generates a ton of interaction
among players because every turn is a free-wheeling auction bid for a spot on
the board.
The objective of the
game is to occupy 4 spaces in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) on
a central board that has 49 numbered spaces in a 7×7 grid layout.  The numbers circle the board in order beginning
with the number 1 in the upper left corner and continue in numerical order
spiraling to the center ending with the number 49 spot dead center.  Each player starts the game with $49 and a
pile of chips in one color.  The starting
player draws a card from a deck of 60 numbered cards, reveals the number, and
then begins the bidding.  The player ultimately
winning the bid, pays the bank, takes the card, and places one of their chips
on the spot on the central board that corresponds to the number on the card.  Play continues in this manner.
There are 12 wild
cards in the draw deck and have two features. 
The first feature of a wild card will indicate either a range of numbers
(ex. 25-40) or be a Wild 49 card. Winning the bid for a card with a range of
numbers allows the winning player to choose a spot within the range.  Five of the 12 wild cards are the Wild 49
card and so bidding will be hot and heavy every time it comes up.  It is not only the central spot on the board
but, is also the only spot that can have a change of ownership during the game.
The second feature of a wild card is a payoff. 
This is the only way a player’s money supplies will get replenished. After
the wild card is auctioned off, each player will receive $7 for each spot they
control on the board up to a maximum of $49. 
Sometimes it makes sense to spend money to get a spot that will never be
connected just to get your money supply replenished.
The Game Of 49 revolves
around forcing others to pay too much for their spots while paying as little as
possible for your spots.  Can you keep
enough money in reserve so that when it’s time you can make the winning play or
be able to block someone else from winning? 
There are lots of laughs as players count their money again and again to
see if they have enough to make the play of the day.

We have an open copy of The Game Of 49 available in our Demo
Games Library for you come in and try.

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