Game Arrivals: July 18, 2018

More of your favorite games arrived in this week’s restocking shipment.

Stuffed Fables
Plaid Hat Games
Cooperative adventure book game in which
players take on the roles of brave stuffed toys
called stuffies seeking to save the child they
love from a scheming evil mastermind.
~ ~~ ~~~ 
Z-Man Games
2-Player strategy game with an interesting pick up
and deliver mechanism combined with tile laying
to create a map of islands. Build and excavate
temples on the islands according to the map cards
in your hand and gain you special abilities.

~ ~~ ~~~ 

Fluxx Anatomy
Looney Labs
Anatomy is the latest in the Fluxx line
 – the game of ever-changing rules game
This one takes you inside the human body
packed with all the body bits that keeps
you  ticking plus anatomical trivia.

~ ~~ ~~~ 

More Restocks

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Continue to check in for the latest in board games.
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games and more. Also for the puzzle enthusiasts we carry quality puzzles from Ravensburger, White Mountain, and Cobble Hill.

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