New Game Arrivals: Week of Dec. 4th


  New New New games have arrived!

Raiders Of Scythia
Renegade Games

Those of you familiar with Renegade Games’s North Sea Trilogy Saga, and the West Kingdom Trilogy Saga will recognize game designer Shem Phillips’ handiwork in the newly released Raiders of Scythia.  Raiders of Scythia is a worker placement game for 1 to 4 players with 60 minutes play time.

Raiders Of Scythia
publisher description

Raiders of Scythia is a worker-placement game, where you’ll play as one of eight Scythian Heroes each with their own unique player power against up to 3 friends or against the rival Scythian Chieftain in a highly intuitive Solo Mode!

The aim of Raiders of Scythia is to be the player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the game’s end. VP are gained by raiding Settlements, taking Plunder and completing Quests. Players will need to assemble a Crew, train Animals and gather Provisions. The game ends when there are only 2 unraided Settlements or 2 Quests remaining on the Main Board.

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On Mars
Eagle-Gryphon Games

The newest game from designer,Vital Lacerda (Vinhos, The Gallerist, Lisboa) is here! On Mars, the next frontier of human endeavor strategy game is chocked full components as indicative of it’s big box – – 1 to 4 players – – 90 to 150 minutes play time.

publisher description
The first settlers arrived on Mars in the year 2037. In the decades after the Mars Base Camp was established, private exploration companies started working towards the creation of a self-sustaining colony.  
As a chief astronaut from one of these enterprises, you want to be a pioneer in developing the biggest, most advanced colony on Mars. In the beginning, you are very dependent on supplies from Earth,, and have to travel a lot between the Mars Space Station and the surface of the planet. As the colony expands,, your reliance on material from Earth will lessen as you construct mines, power generations, water extractors, greenhouses, oxygen factories, and shelters. our aim is to become a self-sufficient colony, independent of any terrestrial organization. 
This will require carefully balancing the importance of water, air, power, and food – The things we need to survive.
On Mars

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RUNES Editions

Lindisfarne is a dice rolling, card drafting, and set collection small box strategy game – – 2 to 4 players – – 30 to 45 minutes play time.

publisher description

June 8, 793, when the Abbey of Lindisfarne is sacked, the West discovers the existence of dreadful warriors:  the Vikings.  The raids will happen all over Europe for  many centuries to come, bringing treasures and prestige to those fearless Jarls. 

You are the Jarl of your clan, the Viking chief, and you will
raid Europe hoping to bring back treasures and prestige.  Be
aware the sea is unpredictable and, without luck or the gods’
help, you could land after one of your rivals or at the wrong
location altogether …
Roll the dice and place your Vikings wisely to obtain the lead
on the three boards, and win destination cards and objective


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Star Wars Unlock

The Escape Game

Space Cowboys

Star Wars Unlock! The Escape Game is the latest in the Unlock! Escape Adventures series, a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms.  Using a free app, players are given a 60-minute time limit, clues, and code checks.  1 to 6 players – – 60 minutes play time.

Star Wars Unlock! includes these three trio of Star Wars stories:
  • Rebels – Escape from the ice planet Hoth
  • Smugglers – Break out of an Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Imperial Agents – Recover kyber crystals from the ancient moon, Jedha

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Dixit Mirrors

It’s time to add more highly interesting and beautiful cards to your Dixit game with the new Mirrors expansion  pack.  Have even more fun with the addition of Dixit Mirrors, an 84-card expansion pack.  The vividly colored illustrations of Sebastien Telleschi unveil a fantastical reflection of the world we live in.

Dixit Mirrors

Dixit is an illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale.  On a turn the active player will choose a card from their hand and give a clue for it.  Each of the other players chooses one of their cards that best fits the active players’ clue.  Then you shuffle and reveal all the chosen cards.  All players use voting tokens to guess secretly which card is the active player.  Once the votes are done, the scoring begins. – – 3 to 6 players – – 30 minutes game play.

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