New Game: Maglev Metro

New: Maglev Metro is a pick up and deliver from B├ęzier Games. It features amazing components to take players on a network building journey along high speed rail lines using magnetic levitation type trains. Players get a chance to hire a number of robots to assist in building their high speed rail lines. Unlike many rail games, in Maglev Metro players can build along the same lines as other players. The key is to use the robots to give players a wide range of special abilities. Players have to create the ability to pick up and deliver passengers along with many other abilities. No one will be able to activate all the different abilities. Players can move robots to new abilities if they need to change directions during the game.

Maglev Metro brings a new twist to the train game genre. It also brings many ways to work for points and delivers lots of replay value.

Maglev Metro – – 1 to 4 players – – 60 to 90 minutes game play


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