New Games: 4.22.2021

Three new games have arrived: Cubitos, Dune Imperium, and Crystal Palace.

Cubitos is a racing game using dice, lots of dice.  There are 4 different race boards in the game.  Choose one to play.  A turn involves rolling 9 dice.  Everyone has the same set of starter dice.  Some dice have sides that give movement points, some give money that will allow you do buy card with powers associated with more powerful dice.   A player can roll as many times as they like.  Any dice with a symbol showing instead of a blank side is moved to the action section of their board to be used at the end of their turn.  A player may then roll their remaining dice.  However, if they have at least 3 dice in their action area and they get all blank sides up on a roll, they bust.  They cannot move, nor can they buy better dice on that turn.  They do get to move up a track on a side board that could yield benefits later in the game.  It is basically a dice building game.  The dice look cool.  There are plenty of cards to choose from with different powers.  The first player to hit the finish line is the winner. – – 2 to 4 players – – 30 to 60 minutes game play.

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Dune Imperium is a 1-4 player games that features deck building and worker placement.  There is also an element of area control where there is combat at the end of each round.  The combat looks to be pretty straight forward.  If you have the most combat points, you win.  The goal of the game to is get to 10 victory points.  Along the way there will be cards to buy to upgrade your deck, spice to be collected and sold for the money you will need and plenty of places to put your workers.  Workers will be triggered by the cards you play.  Then you will be able to take the action of the card and the action of the space you placed your worker. – – 1 to 4 players – – 60 to 120 minutes game play.

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Crystal Palace is a relatively heavy strategy game. The theme is based on the 1851 World’s Fair, known as The Great Exhibition.  Established by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, it was the first World’s Fair of culture and industry.

Crystal Palace features dice as workers.  Players do not roll the dice.  Each player begins the game with 4 die.  At the start of each turn, players will simultaneously and secretly set each of their die to the number of pips they want.  Once everyone has revealed their dice, the dice have to be paid for.  Money is tight and the number of pips a player chooses to use determines how much money they will need to pay.  There are eight boards where the dice can be played in turn order.  Each of the boards yield a different thing: resource, money, a character, an invention, etc. that will be used to gain victory points.  On each of the eight boards, the player who places the highest number die will get to take the first action on that board. The game is played over 4 rounds and works well from 2 to 5 players.  It has many choices, such as which of the 10 different nations will be your home.  Each nation has a slightly different board and slightly different objectives to gain points.  There is plenty of replay value in this one. – – 2 to 5 players – – 90 to 150 minutes game play.

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