ThinkFun Games: 7.10.2011

Our latest shipment of games from ThinkFun include: Escape The Room: Mystery At Stargazer’s Manor, Mystic Market, Lazer Maze, Gravity Maze, and Rush Hour.

  • Escape The Room: Mystery At Stargazer’s Manor – A mystery, interactive game. Players are characters in a story working together to unravel the mystery by finding clues and solving puzzles. – – 3 to 8 players – – 90 minutes game play
  • Mystic Market A fast paced card game where players buy and sell magical potion-making ingredients. The unique value track ensurses that the ingredients’ values will be constantly shifting, so only the shrewdest will of traders will prevail. Will you invest in Dragon Scales or Phoenix Feathers? Perhaps you will corner the market on Orc Teeth or Pixie Powder. Buy Mermaid Tears when the price is low. Sell Kraken Tentacles when demand is high. Or, make mischief by concocting potions of your own. – – 2 to 4 players – – 30 minutes.
  • Laser Maze – A beam-bending logic game. The game requires you to use mirrors, beam-splitters, a little science and brainpower to direct the laser through a series of mind-challenging mazes and light up the target. – – Single player
  • Gravity Maze – Put your visual perception and reasoning skills together in this falling marble logic game. Use the challenge cards to strategically place towers and then create a path for your marble to reach the target.  – – Single player
  • Rush Hour – A sliding block logic game of cars and trucks. Select a challenge card and place the cars and trucks on the traffic grid as indicated. Slide the blocking cars and trucks around to create a path for the red car to go through the exit. – – Single player
  • Located at 30 NW 2nd Street in Historic Downtown Gresham.
  • We have a full range of family games, strategy games, Euro-style games, war games, card games, dice games, and more.  Additionally, for the jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts we carry quality puzzles from Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, White Mountain, Dowdle, Pomegranate, and New York Puzzle Company.

We proudly serve Gresham and the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

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