New Games: 8.31.2021

Two new board games have arrived: On The Rocks and Nidavellir.

On The Rocks from 25th Century Games is a dice-drafting game about mixing drinks. Players won’t need to know anything about mixed drinks or actually like them.  The game involves working on creating 3 or 4 drinks per round.  It starts with a dice roll.  Then a random draw of marbles from a bag.  Delivering the marbles, mancala style to a series of bowls.  Then selecting a bow of various color of marbles to use to “mix” the drinks.  Get a drink complete and score the points.  Three rounds of drinks with great looking components will be all you need to become the games best mixologist. 1 to 4 players – – 45 to 90 minutes game time

Nidavellir from GRRE Games is a set collection game with a twist, or multiple twists.  Players get to bid on dwarves who are hanging out in 3 taverns waiting to be hired.  Bidding is done with coins that can be cleverly upgraded into better coins as the game progresses.  The object is to collect dwarves in each of the 5 sets.  Each of the 5 types score in its own unique way.  Game features great black and white pictures of the dwarves and multiple ways to grab points.  This one should play fairly quickly and pack a good amount of replay value.  2 to 5 players – – 45 minutes

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