Arrivals: Card Games

Stocking up on card games with the arrival of Uk’otoa, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, Truffle Shuffle, Fluxx Wonderland, and Lost Cities.

  • Uk’otoa – A tactical semi-cooperative card game of survival.  A giant sea monster is going to devour your ship and everyone on it.  Your goal is to be the last sailor on the ever shrinking ship. – – 3 to 5 players – – 30 to 45 minutes game play
  • The Crew: Mission Deep Sea – A cooperative trick taking game that is a follow-up to The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine. Players work together to search for the lost continent of Mu. This new adventure takes your crew deep down into the abyss on a search for the fabled sunken land. How far you get depends entirely on how well you work together as a team. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is a stand alone version of the original The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine with the same innovative cooperative trick-taking mechanic but also has some new surprises. – – 3 to 5 players – – 20 minutes game play
  • Truffle Shuffle – A fast and fun card-drafting game for the whole family. Players take turns selecting truffles from a shared box of overlapping cards in order to m ake their own arrangements of chocolates to sell. Players can complete a variety of sets, using special modifiers and action cards. – – 2 to 4 players – – 15 to 30 30 minutes game play
  • Fluxx: Wonderland – The ever-changing family card game now with the adventures of Alice in Wonderland theme. Fluxx is all about change. You don’t know what the winning condition is until someone plays a Goal card. If you don’t like the Goal, play a new Goal card. If you don’t like the Rules, play a new Rule card. Collect the Keepers and avoid the Creepers. Match the Keepers to the Goal and win. – – 2 to 6 players – – 5 to 30 minutes
  • Lost Cities – A 2-player set collection card game with easy to learn rules. Expeditions are represented by suits of six colors each numbered from two to ten. Each player starts one or more expeditions and then plays cards to continue their expedition. The Rule is, a card played to an expedition must have a value higher than the top card in the expedition. You may never backtrack and play one with a lower value. The goal is to get the total value of your expedition equal to 20 or greater in order to score positive points. Anything less will gain you negative points. There are special hand cards that can double or triple your expedition score (both positive or negative). There is only one of each number in each suit so hand and risk management are key. – – 2 player – – 30 minutes game play

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