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Adding to our selection of children’s games are these: Magic Market, Critter Cruise, and Detective Charlie.

~ ~ ~ New Game ~ ~ ~

Magic Market is a game of buying and selling where you deal in magical objects. Be a smart salesperson by remembering what each Visitor wants, sell them Objects, and visit other players’ Tables to buy the Objects you are interested in! When the Clock hits five and the market closes, the player with the most Dragos (money) wins the game! – – Players: 2 to 4 – – 30 minutes game time

Magic Market includes a rotating visitor path disk, a square market board, player tables, player bags, visitor pawns, Drago banknotes, a clock, and a move die and a price die.

In a game of Magic Market players will roll the Move die and turn the Visitor Path Disk the indicated number of spaces. Choose one of the three visitors now in front of your table and look at its symbol hidden underneath. There are 3 types of visitors: magical object buyers, a crazy buyer that will buy the first object you show them, or a buddy who allows you to visit an opponent’s table and offer to buy one of their magical objects that you don’t have but a prospective visitor might want. Take the action associated with the visitor. Play continues with the next player in similar fashion.

~ ~ ~ New Game ~ ~ ~

Critter Cruise is a co-operative game focusing on memory and matching. – – 2 to 4 players – – 10 to 20 minutes game play.

It’s been raining for hours! The players help Noah get the animals and their suitcases onto the ark. They need to find the matching suitcase for each animal while remembering where the soggy suitcases are. The players win together once all the animals are on the ark.

Players work together in this cooperative game to match up all the animals with their suitcases before the water rises too high. Using a unique movement mechanism, they’ll have to plan ahead and have a good memory to win.

—description from the publisher

~ ~ ~ New Game ~ ~ ~

Detective Charlie needs your help! Strange things are happening in the city and mysteries must be investigated! Go and meet the inhabitants: everyone knows a detail that can help you solve the case…. Cooperate and examine the clues, but watch out for the time, Detective Charlie must be back at the police station at 5 o’clock on the dot. She never misses tea time…

An original cooperative investigation game full of humor, for the little detectives! – – – 1 to 5 players – – 25 minutes game play

—description from the publisher

Detective Charlie

In Detective Charlie each player takes turns moving Detective Charlie with the die and interrogating witnesses. They will help you clear suspects until only one is left: the culprit! Check that you got it right by reading the Culprit card hidden in the envelope with the same number as your case.


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