New Game: Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a deduction game about getting a group together to take the perfect picture.  The problem is that each individual and item in the picture has their own set of three things Each player will need to work to identify the wants of as many characters as possible, then arranged their characters behind a screen.  After 6 rounds game end is reached. Each player will now reveal how their group is arranged.  Each guest character will be scored based on their personal wants.  The player who has their group meeting the most wants will be the winner of Picture Perfect. – – 2 to 4 players – – 50 to 90 minutes game play

Picture Perfect

At the beginning of the game 3 preference cards will be randomly inserted into each of the 14 guest envelopes. These envelopes will then be shuffled and based on the number of players, a certain number of them will be dealt to each player. Each player will then secretly arrange the guests behind their player screen based on the information contain in the envelopes their envelopes. The starting player will turn over the first of six Exchange cards. These will provide instructions on trading envelopes and/or revealing information contained in guest envelopes in the center of the table. Simultaneously, players will make adjustments to their photo layout. Play continues in this manner for 6 rounds. Then scoring takes place. The player with the most points wins.


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