New Game: Now or Never

Now or Never is the third in the storybook game series by Red Raven Games with Above and Below and Near and Far being the first and the second in the series.  Now or Never features great game components, plenty of decisions, and two different modes of play: a Standard mode and a Story mode. – – 1 to 4 players – – 45 minutes per player game time.

In Now or Never players will use one of the four asymmetrical hero characters to explore a fantasy map and compete to build up their own section of the village.  To do this, players will need to build houses, defeat monsters to gain villagers to place in the houses they built which then earns resources, search for valuable treasures, and take special actions provided by a location site. Taking on greater challenges can yield more abilities and coins which can be used to obtain useful gear. Interact with the other players by hiring their specialists to perform special actions. The player who builds the best section of the village and fights some monsters the best will score the most points and win.

The game has a unique building grid mechanic. During set-up, each player will shuffle their set of buildings and place them face-up in a 4×5 grid of unbuilt buildings. When they construct their first building they can choose from any building along the edge of the grid. On future building actions, a building can only be taken from an adjacent empty space in the building grid.

Story mode is a 6-chapter campaign. Each character will have a storybook with their own set of stories, unique to the locations they explore and options to choose from. A die roll will determine the outcome of the choice they made.  Two of the chapters will take them to underground caverns on the opposite side of the board where there are alternate actions, enemies, and more. The scoring will have an added feature in Story mode where fame points will be awarded at game end.  Story mode will take longer to play.

In conclusion, Now or Never appears to take some of the best elements from the other two games in the series to come up with a big and bold gaming experience.


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