New Game: Welcome To The Moon

Welcome to the Moon is the 3rd in the Welcome To… trilogy game series from Blue Cocker Games. This one is an evolving and narrative flip and write game containing 8 different adventures that form a complete story with an increasing difficulty level. There are two modes of play: Evolving Campaign and Adventure. – – 1 to 6 players – – 25 to 30 minutes game time

Evolving Campaign Mode: players will work through the campaign book playing the adventures in order. At the end of each Adventure players will save their progress and receive stars depending on their result. The player with the most stars at the end of the campaign will be the winner.

Adventure Mode: each of the 8 Adventures are played independently. Before selecting an adventure, players must first read the standard rules. Next select an Adventure and read its specific rules. The player with the most points at the end of the Adventure is the winner.

Influencing the course of events through the Campaign cards creates a different story each time. Additionally, none of the components are destroyed or modified making Welcome to the Moon replayable.


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