New: Get On Board

Get on Board: New York and London is a clever flip and write game.  The New York side of the board is for 2 or 3 players.  The London side of the board is for 4 or 5 players.  The goal of the game is to more score points than everyone else by picking up and delivering 4 types of passengers to the locations of their choice. Elderly ladies, students, tourists and businesspeople are all looking for a different place to be dropped off. – – 2 to 5 players – – 30 minutes game time

A card will be flipped to start each turn.  Depending on which personal sheet a player has will determine what bus line they must build that turn.  Each sheet is different, so one player may have to build two bus segments straight ahead, while another may have to build only one segment, or possibly make a turn off the direction they are going.  In the end points are scored for everyone delivered to the correct location, plus any passengers picked up and not delivered.  Each player also has a hidden goal card that will gain points at game end if completed.  There could be some negative points as well if a player created any traffic jams by duplicating part of a route already built by another player.  So, Get on Board for some fun. 

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