New Game: Meadow

Meadow is a new game from Rebel Studio. With 184 unique watercolor illustrated cards, a main board, 2 double-sided campfire boards, this set collection game takes players into the world of nature on an imaginary trek. A game of Meadow consists of 6 – 8 rounds (depending on the number of players) with 4 turns per round. Players will place their path tokens on either the main board or the campfire board. Placing in an unoccupied notch on the main board gains the player cards to their hand and the ability to play a card into their meadow or surrounding area. Placing in an unoccupied notch on the campfire board gains a special action and the ability to fulfill a bonus goal. The player with the most valuable collection of cards in their meadow and surrounding area plus any bonus points from fulfilled goals at the end of the game is the winner. – – 1 to 4 players – – 60 to 90 minutes.

Your collection of nature cards consists of:

  • Ground cards – illustrate ecosystems that are connected with the habitats of various types of animals, plants and fungi. These represent the lowest level of your meadow, have no victory point value, and are for placing Observation cards on. You can have up to 10 Ground cards creating up to 10 columns of cards.
  • Observation cards – present types of animals, plants, fungi, and human made creations. These have a card symbol, requirement symbol(s), victory point value and are placed in your meadow on top of Ground cards or other Observation cards that meet its requirement. When placed on top of an existing Observation card it covers up the previous cards’ card symbol. Only the top layer cards will have active symbols.
  • Landscape cards- illustrate the landscape on a players’ trek. These have a victory point value and are placed in your surrounding area above your meadow that meet the cards’ requirement.
  • Discovery cards – represent souvenirs and mementos found during the trek. These are worth victory points and are placed in your surrounding area above your meadow that meet the cards’ requirement.

Players are not able to rearrange their collection of cards once they are placed in their meadow and surrounding area. Some Observation cards require that 2 types of Ground cards be adjacent to each other in order to place the card. Therefore, having multiple starting columns of the right Ground cards and choosing which Observation cards to take and when to place them is the challenge.

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