New Game: Wormholes

Wormholes is a pick-up and deliver game paced at light speed where players will connect the galaxy one wormhole at a time and use those wormholes to pick-up and deliver passengers. – – 1 to 5 players – – 45 to 60 minutes game time

Players build a system of Wormholes across the galaxy to deliver passengers to the planet of the passenger’s choice.  On their turn, a player has a variety of actions they can take. They can use energy tokens to move their ship one space at a time up to three times, place wormholes, use their or an opponent’s activated wormholes to make free jumps, collect additional passenger cards, and deliver passengers to their assigned planet. They may take these actions in any order and some as many times as they choose. If you are the first person to place a wormhole next to a planet you earn an exploration token worth victory points.

Points are awarded for discovering planets, delivering passenger, and having other players use your strategically placed Wormholes.  Additionally, you could earn a Galactic Tour Bonus of three points each for your 6th, 7th, etc., different planet that you delivered a passenger to.

Wormholes comprises of a modular board made-up of double-sided space tiles, player color miniature ships, wormhole tokens, 100 passenger cards, and more.  The universe could change on each play of the game.

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