New Game: Ready Set Bet

New from AEG is Ready Set Bet, a game for 2 to 9 players and plays in 45 to 60 minutes.

And they’re off! Get ready to place your bets on nine fast moving racehorses. After four speedy races, the player with the most money will be the betting champion.

Ready Set Bet is played over four rounds. Each player starts the game with five betting tokens, numbered 2 through 5, of their color. One non-player will roll the dice, move the horses, and carry on with announcing the race progress. Or you can use an app for the dice rolls so everyone can be a player.

The game consists of a betting board with numerous places to place bets. Each horse has three Win spaces, two Place spaces, and two Show spaces in which to place bets. Each round consists of players betting on a single horse race while the action is happening. Once someone has placed a bet on a space no other player can bet on that same space. Each space has a multiplier to use with the bet token to determine the payout for that space. Beware, many spaces have little red numbers that indicate how much you lose if that bet is not a winner. Getting bets down early can be a real advantage. Additional betting spots are available for Color bets, Prop bets, and Exotic Finish bets. These spots are all cards that are randomly drawn and placed on the betting board before a race begins. Bets can be placed until the 3rd horse crosses a red line about two thirds of the way down the racetrack. As soon as a horse hits the finish line the race is over, wins and losses are paid out, and players get their betting tokens back. The racetrack and betting board is reset for the next race and then they’re off again.

Between races each player is dealt two VIP cards. They will choose and keep one and discard the other. These are special ability cards to use in betting for the races and can be used in each subsequent race. Players gain their first VIP card at the end of the first race which can then be used in the second, third, and fourth races. Their second card at the end of the 2nd race which can then be used along with the first VIP card in the third and fourth races, and so forth. So, by the start of the 4th and final race each player will have three VIP cards to use.

There are lots of ways to place your bets and it will change from race to race. Get your odds calculators for Ready Set Bet.

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