New Game: Catan Dawn of Humankind

Catan Dawn of Humankind is a standalone variant game in the Catan game series. – – 3 to 4 players – – 60 to 90 minutes game time

Catan recreates the Dawn of Humankind moving from Africa to Europe, Asia, The Americas and to Australia.  Players start with 2 camps in Africa.  They will send explorers out across the map to create new camps which will add more ways to collect the 4 resources needed to build and explore.  The object of the game is to collect 10 victory points.  A point is scored for each new camp created.  The first player to create camps in each of the 4 regions outside of Africa gains 2 points.  Any other player who creates camps in all 4 regions gains 1 point.  There are 4 progress tracks for players to advance on.  One will enhance the ability to move explorers, progressing from 3 moves up to 7 on each turn, if paid for.  Another track will allow a player to move one of the two tokens that will block the production of a region and allow the player to take a resource card from another player with a camp on that region.  The other 2 tracks work in conjunction with each other to allow players to advance to space on the board containing animal tokens.  The only way to get to or through these locations is to have the correct progress on both of those tracks.  If so, the first player to get to that location will collect an animal tile and the point or ability pictured on the back of the token.  One of the abilities on the back of these tokens allows the player the ability to remove the production capability from a region in Africa.  Players will need to create camps out of Africa because those original camps will become less valuable as the game progresses.  For those who love Catan, this one will be a hit.  It takes Catan to new levels, with some interesting twists.   

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