New Game: Knight Fall


New from Red Raven is Knight Fall an asymetrical game that can be play in one of three ways: Team vs Team for up to 6 players, Cooperative for 1 to 3 players, and Story Campaign for 1 to 2 players. – – 45 to 60 minutes game play

An ancient order of holy knights must protect the elders of an abbey against the invading demons who wish to break the abbey’s portal seal to the underworld. Players choose a unique knight or demon, each with a variety of special powers—such as the Flame Knight’s ability to surround his foes in fire, or the Bone Crusher’s power to summon skeletal minions. The cards you play from your hand to perform actions can each be used in different ways, and a set of unique location tiles allows you to create the monastery with a different layout every game.

  • Team vs Teams Mode (up to 6 players): One team controls the knights, who must protect the elders and withstand the demons until dawn. The other team controls the demons, who seek to break the seal to the underworld before morning.  Knights win with 9 points while demons need 10 points to win.
  • Cooperative Mode (up to 3 players): Play as the knights battling the demon. Each knight has their own demon to deal with. Game play is similar to Team vs Team.
  • Campaign Mode (1 to 2 players): You will read stories while exploring the map of a haunted valley, drawing your path as you travel. Wander through crumbling churches, a sinister forest, and a dark mountain to stop the demons before the final battle at Thornmar Abbey. You must do whatever you can to keep your Knights alive; the death of each knight means one fewer hero to combat the invading demons in the final battle!
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