New Game: The Animals of Baker Street

The Animals of Bakers Street is a cooperative investigative game of doggy deduction, mousey mystery, and ratty riddles. Based on Toby the dog whom Sherlock Holmes used to aid him in solving some of his cases. Toby is now old and no longer able to tackle solving mysteries like he used to. He has decided to utilize four of his animal friends as detectives: Clay the frog, Briar the bird, Cherrywood the mouse, and Clabash the tarranula to solve the mysteries. Players become one of these animal characters and try to solve the mysteries within the given time. – – 1 to 4 players – – 45 minutes game play

In this narrative game, play as four different animals, just as clever as they are witty, who encounter mysterious situations. Meet other animal characters, gain objects, collect information, and piece them together to unravel the mystery! The Animals of Baker Street is a thrilling investigative game for the entire family with a unique setting, enhanced by the talented pen of famous youth author, Clémentine Beauvais, and Sherlock games specialist Dave Neale.

In the game, you collectively choose the places to visit to meet and interact with the quirky animal characters of Baker Street. Decide if you want one of your detectives to use their particular abilities to collect valuable information and discover new clues. But as you visit more places time is ticking by, so choose your path wisely.

~ publisher description

The Animals of Bakers Street game comes with 267 case cards in 10 sealed decks, a double-sided game board (day/night) time tokens, padlock tokens, 4 character cards, 4 investigators and wooden stands, and a case book (read only when instructed to).

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