New Game: Wayfarers of the South Tigris

Wayfarers of the South Tigris is a worker placement, dice placement, and tableau building board game by designers Shem Phillips and SJ McDonald. Throughout the game you will be mapping the land, waterways, and skies, and reporting back to the House of Wisdom in Baghdad to share your findings. As discoveries are made players will want to quickly Journal their progress. – 1 to 4 players – – 60 to 90 minutes game play

Wayfarers of the South Tigris is set during the Abbasid Caliphate, circa 820 AD. Players will set off on an adventure to map the surrounding land, sea and the skies above.  Players will use a combination of dice and workers to gather information and report in their journal with the hopes of gaining the most victory points.  Each player begins the game with 3 dice and 2 workers.  On a turn each player will be able to place a die or a worker, or they can rest and get back their played dice and reroll them to set up future turns.  There are 5 decks of cards with 4 of each face up for players to activate or claim.  Land and sea cards provide action spaces for dice and resources. They also provide actions to upgrade tiles to enhance the ability of their dice on future rolls. Space cards provide game end points and must be played above a land or sea card.  Town folk cards can be used to enhance either land or sea cards.  Inspiration cards enhance the scoring on space cards. The main board is a journal track where players move their marker forward to collect additional resources and abilities.  Movement is triggered by actions on cards.  There are 10 total steps on the journal board, but multiple paths to reach the end.  When a player does reach the end that triggers game end.  Each player including the player who triggered gets one more turn.  Final scores are then calculated.  Scores come from space cards, various sets of sea and land cards and from upgrade tiles on their player board.  There are 3 guild locations on the main board.  The player with the most influence on each of the 3 guilds scores 3 points.  Influence is gained throughout the game from abilities on cards.  The player with the most points will be the winner of Wayfarers of the South Tigris.

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