New Game: Beer & Bread

Beer & Bread is a 2-player game about brewing and baking what the title says. It has an interesting game play with multi-use cards, alternating rounds with fruitful years and dry years, and swapping hands of cards. 2-player – – 30 to 45 minutes game play

Over a 6-year period, players will get to harvest resources: water, hops, barley, wheat and rye.  With those resources they will brew some beer and bake some bread.  They will need to do both because the score at the end of the game is the lower point total of either the beer or the bread. 

In the first, third and fifth years there are bountiful resources to harvest – “the fruitful years”. In the second, fourth and sixth years there will be a lean harvest and much less resources to harvest – “the dry years”.  Players will have 5 cards at the start of each year.  They will choose one to play.  Each card has 3 options.  Use it to harvest resources, or as a recipe for a particular beer or bread, or a building that provides special abilities for the rest to the game.  During the fruitful years, after both players have played a card, they swap hands.  Play another card – swap hands. During the dry years, players will not swap hands. They will have the option to exchange a card from their hand with one of the three available cards in the central play area before playing a card. Each player will play 5 cards per year.  Cards used to harvest go back into your hand to start the next year allowing a player to keep ability cards or recipe cards for use in the next year. These are going to be a highly thought provoking 6 years.

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