New Game: Bot Factory

New from designers Vital Lacerda and Joao Qunitela Martins is Bot Factory, a game of managing a bot assembly factory. The game is played out over four game boards: an assembly board, production board, project board, and a finance board. – – 1 to 4 players – – 30 to 60 minutes game play

The executives of Bot Factory have just learned about the kanban methodology of production.  Players want to master this technology to be able to build the most valuable bots.  The player with the most points will be promoted to a supervisory position in the company.  Each round begins with the placement of your worker.  There are 4 sections of the factory to move to.  Each turn you must move to a different section.  The first section is assembly where bots are built.  The second section is where parts are obtained.  The third section is where projects are selected.  The fourth section is a place to commit to contracts or to add to the value of various bots.  Bots come in 4 colors.  It is necessary to match the right project with the right parts, with the right contracts, etc.  Game end is triggered when a player completes 5 Bots or when all of the Bots of one color are completed.  Final scoring includes valuing each Bot by how high the value is on the valuation track.  Each contract completed is scored.  Kanban systems are all about efficiency.  Empty projects, unused Bot parts and uncompleted contracts all score negative points. The player with the most points will get the highly valued promotion to supervisor.

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