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Reloaded up on these family card games from Grandpa Beck’s Games: Cover Your A$$ets, Cover Your Kingdom, Gnoming A Round, Skull King, The Bears & The Bees, Reign of Dragoness, and Nuts About Mutts.

  • Cover Your A$$ets – A fast paced card game where the first player to amass $1,000,000 in assets is the winner. Make pairs of assets, cover yours, and steal theirs. – – 2 to 6 players – – 30 minutes game play
  • Cover Your Kingdom – a follow-up set collection card game to Cover Your Assets. Your mission in this adventure is to gain Magic for your Kingdom. To achieve this, you’ll need to form Clans of Punderful creatures, like Uniquehorns, Peglegasus, Pigxies, or LepreCon Men, by forming them in pairs. Special Creatures with powerful abilities add to the fun, letting you do things like swap Clans with a rival, move a Clan from the top to the bottom of a stack, or remove it from the game entirely. – – 2 to 8 players – – 20 to 30 minutes game play
  • Gnoming A Round – Join the gnomes in this set collection card game inspired by the classic card game Golf. The goal is to get the lowest score.  There are two ways to lower your score.  First, you can collect low-value cards.  Second, you can eliminate rows of identical black cards. – – 2 to 5 players – – 30 minutes game play
  • The Bears & The Bees – Race to go out first in this strategic hexagonal tile laying game. Place cards by matching the colors on their edges while collectively building a hive that grows in size and complexity with every  passing turn.  Special cards, such as flowers, bears, and bees help you earn bonus plays, create obstacles, or deliver stings to our rivals. – – 2 to 5 players – – 30 minutes game play
  • Reign of Dragoness – A twist on the time-honored ladder climbing card games. Using your dragons wisely, you will play your cards in sets and runs, trying to beat the cards played before you. The battle to play your cards before your competitors will be full of fun and strategy. – – 3 to 8 players – – 20 to 40 minutes game play
  • Nuts About Mutts – Dog-loving kids ages 5+ will love this hand-elimination card game that has many unique twists. The pile in the center of the table is your dogs’ home. You can play a dog card if it matches the color, number, or breed of the top card. There are wild cards like the flea, fire hydrant, etc. that have special consequences. – – 3 to 8 players – – 30 to 40 minutes game play
  • Skull King – A trick-taking card game on the high seas. Predict each round how many tricks you think you can win after taking a look at your cards. Get your bid correct and you’ll gain points! Get it wrong, and you’re out of luck. – – 2 to 6 players – – 30 minutes game play
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