Game Profile: Kingdom Builder

Create your own kingdom.

Classification Family Strategy
Mechanics Modular Board, Route/Network Building
Publication Queen Games, 2011
Ages 8+
Time 45
Players 2 – 4

Kingdom Builder is from game designer
Donald X. Vaccarino, the creator of Dominion.

This game
features a colorful modular board, relatively easy game mechanics, and a
Kingdom full of replay ability.  Four of the eight game board sections
will be used each game.  Choose the ones you want or pick them randomly.
 Each board section features a unique type of location hex tile and five
types of terrain.  Each type of location hex tile grants a unique ability
and is claimed by playing a settlement adjacent to it.  There are ten
different Kingdom Builder cards. Three of these
Kingdom Builder
 cards are selected randomly at the start of the game
and will define the scoring mechanics for this particular game session.
 Game play consists of playing a terrain card and placing three
settlements on that type of terrain. These settlements must be place next to
your existing settlements if possible, and should be in a manner that will
allow you to take advantage of the scoring opportunities that are defined by
the 3 Kingdom Builder cards.  If it’s not possible to
place next to existing settlements, then a new area of that type of terrain can
be started.  The player who best manages the variable terrain, the
variable location hex tiles, and the variable scoring mechanics will earn the
most gold and victory.

We have an open copy of Kingdom Builder available in our Store Demo Library for you come in and try out.

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