Game Profile: Mystery Garden

The guess what I see children’s game.

Mechanics Search and Find
Theme Mystery, Children’s Game
Publication Ravensburger,1989
Ages 4+
Time 30
Players 2 – 6

Enter Mystery Garden with all its fascinating scenery and various
magical inhabitants. Try to stop the Gardener from reaching the castle by guessing what object he/she is hiding. Players take turns being the Gardener on a path to the castle.  The game starts with the Gardener drawing a mystery card that depicts an object located somewhere on the board.  This card is kept secret from the other players.  The other players, in turn order, will try to figure out what the mystery item is by asking a “yes” or “no” question (example: Is it in the water fountain?).  For every questioned asked, the Gardener moves one space up the path towards the castle. Players will have to remember the answers to all the questions in order to figure out what the mystery object is.  On their turn, a player may guess what the mystery object is by pointing to it on the board and saying is it this (example:  Is it the unicorn?)  If they have correctly identified the mystery object they keep the card and then become the next Gardener.

Solving the mystery
supports deductive reasoning and the process of articulating questions.

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