Game Profile: Stone Age

A worker-placing, dice-rolling, don’t forget to feed the workers game in a stone age setting.

Mechanics Worker Placement, Dice Rolling, Set Collection
Theme Prehistoric
Publication Z-Man Games, 2008
Ages 10+
Time 60
Players 2 – 4
Stone Age is a great
worker placement game for those who have not played worker placement games.
There is a balance between the strategy of placing the workers and the luck of
the dice rolls. Workers can be placed on a resource determines the number of
dice a player rolls. The roll of the dice determines the number of resources
gained. Feeding the workers is necessary after each turn. Food can be gained by
either direct worker placement or gambling on the roll of the dice. Points can
be rolled up during the game by buying buildings. The big scores come at the
end of the game when various characters from the civilization cards are matched
up with objects collected during the game. The number of builders is multiplied
by the number of buildings, shaman are multiplied by the number of workers,

We have an open copy of Stone Age available in our Demo Games Library for you
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