Game Profile: Ticket To Ride India

Name Ticket To Ride India
Byline Embark On An Incredible Adventure

Mechanics Hand Management, Network/Route Building
Theme India and Switzerland
Publicaiton Days of Wonder, 2011
Ages 8+
Time 45
Players 2 -4

Days of Wonder has released another in the Ticket To Ride Map Collection Series.  This latest release, Ticket To Ride India contains a map of India and a map of Switzerland.  As with Ticket To Ride Asia, this is an expansion and requires either Ticket To Ride USA or Ticket To Ride Europe.

The map of India is a 2 to 4 player game.  Ferries come into play and require a locomotive to be played on specific ports of ferry routes.  There are two end game bonuses awarded.  One is the usual ten-point bonus for having the longest continuous path.  The Grand Tour of India bonus is awarded for any ticket whose two destination cities are linked by at least two distinct paths.  The paths may intersect but cannot share trains.  The bonus escalates for the number of tickets that qualify for the Grand Tour Bonus and can yield from five to forty additional points.

Ticket to Ride Switzerland is designed for 2 to 3 players.  Destination tickets in this game can connect city to city, city to country or country to country.  There are tickets to Austria, France, Italy, and Germany.  In this game destination tickets not selected to keep by players are removed from the game.  It is possible to run our of destination tickets during the game.  Wild locomotive cards can only be played on tunnel routes.  Tunnel routes are claimed similar to Ticket To Ride Europe.  Play the cards to claim the route, then turn over the top three cards of the draw deck.  Any cards that match the color used to claim the route must be matched by additional cards from the players hand to claim the route.  The player with the longest continuous route gets the usual 10 point bonus at the end of the game.

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