Game Profile: Trailer Park Wars!

Live the dream…be a Trail Park Manager.

Mechanics Modular Board
Theme Trailer Park, Humor

Publication Gut Bustin’ Games, 2007
Ages 13+
Time 60

– 6

Trailer Park Wars! is the third game
designed by local game designer, Lisa Steenson. 

To be the best darn Trailer Park Manager in town you must place
quality tenants in your trailers, create a fun and friendly atmosphere by
adding some sweet amenities, and go about destroying the other trailer parks in
town … no matter what it takes!  Win by collecting the most pink flamingos.

Players start with hand of cards, and an array of trailers arranged in an oval in front of them making up their trailer park.  Each trailer park must have a name and included in the game are numbered name tiles that you will use to name your trailer park.  Now you’re ready to start managing your park and trying to destroy your opponent’s .  Players take turns playing their cards and collecting pink flamingos subtracting any black (negative) flamingos gained.  
Place “Phil McCrackin”, the plumber, as a tenant in your
trailer park, add the ‘Above Ground Pool’  as an amenity, then launch a
‘Surface To Trailer Missile’ over to another trailer park, to blow up their
trailer and the tenant.  All in a day’s work at the Trailer Park!  
Play continues until the last pink flamingo is taken.  The player with the most pink flamingos wins.

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