Game Profile: Red Dragon Inn

The adventure is over, but the party’s just getting started!

Mechanics Hand Management, Betting, Variable Player Powers
Theme Medieval, Bar Party
Publication Slugfest Games, 2007
Ages 13+
Time 30 – 60
Players 2 – 4

You and your adventuring friends have spent the day slogging
through the dungeon, killing monsters and taking their treasures.  Now you’re back in town, healed and cleaned
up, and ready to party at the Red Dragon Inn.  Go ahead and drink, gamble, and rough house
with your friends.  But, keep an eye on
your gold.  Run out and you’ll have to
spend the night in the stables.  And try
not to drink too much, for if you black out your friends will party without you – – after they have stolen all of your gold.  The
last conscious adventurer with gold wins the game.

The Red Dragon Inn features 4 characters with their own deck of
cards.  Each turn players will draw and
discard, play action cards, buy drinks for their friends, and have a drink for
themselves.  Normal play can be
interrupted when someone plays the “Gambling , I’m In” action card.  Hopefully, you have a “Winning Hand” card
that doesn’t get trumped by a “Cheating” card. Once you have accumulated as
much gold as possible gambling make sure that all your friends have well
stocked drink piles.  Then you will be
the last player standing and the winner of The Red Dragon Inn.

Additional Red Dragon Inn’s:
For more humorous characters, try
these additional Red Dragon Inn versions. 
They can be played as stand-alone games, combined to increase the
number of players, or to provide a variety in characters:

Red Dragon Inn 2

Provides these heroic fantasy adventurers:

Gog the Half Ogre – big, green, and dumb.
Fleck the Bard – a dashing half-elf with a song and a smile.
Eve the Illusionist – who knows what she really looks like – it’s all an illusion.
Dimili the Dwarf – loves gold, axes, and ale.

Red Dragon Inn 3

Provides these heroic fantasy adventurers:
Wizgille the Tinkerer– the best gnome artificer.
Brewmaster Phrenk – a troll alchemist. His skills as a potionmaster is unmatched.
Kaylin the Renagade – a tiny pixy enchanter with a big chip on her shoulder.
Serena the Pious – an Orc Paladin who must be vigilant to stay on the righteous path.

Red Dragon Inn 4

Set out on a voyage across the high seas aboard the Crimson Drake.  This time the party’s at sea!
Captain Whitehawk – she is master of the ship.
1st Mate Remy – honor-bound swashbuckler from a faraway land.
Bryn the Boatswain – tough as nails and knows how to keep the ship afloat.
Tara the Navigator – blind but with the gift of 2nd sight.

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