Game Profile: Last Will

With your Uncle’s last will, bankruptcy leads to riches!

Mechanics Set Collection, Worker Placement, Action Point Allowance
Theme Bankruptcy
Publication Rio Grande Games, 2011
Ages 13+
Time 45 – 75
Players 2 – 5

Your uncle has died.  Hooray!  This is your chance to become rich.  You never knew your uncle, but you have heard stories.  He was one of those millionaires who achieved staggering wealth during the development of Victorian England.  He was also a bit of a hermit, too focused on his business to have any friends.  On his deathbed he surveyed his vast riches and realized that he never took the time to enjoy them.  And so he decided to leave his fortune to his most competent relative – the one who is the best at enjoying the pleasures money can bring.  In his last will, you uncle stated that each surviving relative will receive a certain amount.  Whoever can spend that amount the fastest will get the rest of the fortune.  But don’t think that spending all that money will be as easy as it seems.

 is a game for those
players who want a break from the usual economic games.  The object is to get rich from your uncle’s
inheritance.  The catch is you have to be
the first to spend all your money as fast as you can, in accordance with your
uncle’s last will.  So, when getting rid
of a lot of cash, planning is essential.

A game of Last Will consists of, at
most, 7 rounds with each round having 5 phases.  After the Setup Phase, the essential Planning
Phase begins.  In this phase players have
the opportunity to not only set the player turn order, but to also determine
the number of cards they can draw, the number of errand boys they can use, and
the number of actions they can take.  In
the Errand Phase, you will use your errand boys to get the best reservations,
arrange the most expensive entertainments, and manipulate the prices of
properties.  In the Action Phase, players
utilize the cards in their hand to spend as much money as possible.  Some events allows players to increase their
spending by bringing a guest, or their dog, maybe even ride a horse to the
event, or hire their own chef.  If a
player can’t spend fast enough they can hire helpers who may be willing to
steal from them and charge fees for their services.

All-in-all players are trying to reach a point where their houses
are falling down, their racing dog never gets out of the starting gate, their
favorite restaurant is overcharging for their meals and now they are
broke.  Congratulations. They win.

We have an open copy of Last Will available in our Store Demo Games Library for you to come in and try out.

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