Game Profile: Livingstone

Explore the Zambezi
River with Dr. Livingstone

Mechanics Area Influence, Dice Rolling
Theme African Exploration
Publication Playroom Entertainment, 2009
Ages 8+
Time 35
Players 2 – 5
Livingstone is a light strategy game with a couple of interesting
twists.  A handful of dice are rolled by
the starting player on each round and arranged in numerical order.  Players then choose one of the die and
perform an action with it. Play continues in this manner until all dice are
taken or players are unable to take any of the remaining ones.  Players must keep in mind when choosing dice
that each succeeding die must be higher than their last die taken. The types of
actions include drawing a special action card, taking money, digging into the
black bag to grab a handful of gems and rocks, or placing tents on the game
board.  Tents are the primary means of
scoring both during and at the end of the game. 
The die will determine where tents can be played and how many points
they are worth.  Money will be necessary
to place tents and make donations to the Queen. 
One of the game twists is the donations. 
Each player has a donation box that they can put coins in on their
turn.  The player who has made the least amount
of donations in their box by the end of the game is not eligible to win regardless
of how many points they have scored. 
Another interesting twist is digging for gems in the mine.  There are more rocks than gems and gems can
either be cashed in for money or held for points at the end of the game.  The game play in Livingstone is fairly quick with interest tactics, a little luck and a little
press your luck element.

You can watch a game overview here:

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