Game Profile: Las Vegas

Gamble It Up To The Very Last Roll!

Mechanics Dice Rolling, Area Control
Theme Las Vegas Casinos
Publication Ravensburger, 2012
Ages 8+
Time 30
Players 2 – 5

It’s time to head for Las
and some fast paced gambling action.  There are 6 casinos offering a variety of
dollar prizes for the big winners.  Each
casino is matched with one of the numbers on a die, i.e.: The Gold Rush has the
number one, The Palazzo has the number two, and so on ending with The Show Hall
with the number six.  Each player starts
with a hand full of their own color dice. 
On a turn, a player will roll all of their dice and then choose one of the
numbers rolled and place all of that number in the corresponding casino.  Players take turns rolling and placing one
number (but all of that number) at a time until all dice have been placed in
the casinos.  Now the winnings are paid
out.  Starting with The Gold Rush Casino representing
dice number one, the player with the most dice in this casino gets its highest
money card.  The player with the second
most dice gets the next highest of its money cards, and so forth.  Each of the casinos’ money cards are paid out
in this manner.  There is a twist though,
all ties cancel each other out and are not eligible for any of that casino’s prize
winnings.  So beware, you may think you
have a winning position but if other players match the number of dice you have
in that casino all the tying players lose out on any of the prize winnings. A player
with a single die in that casino could end up the casino’s prize winnings if
all others are eliminated by ties. The game is played over four rounds at the
end of which the player with the most money is the winner.

Las Vegas moves quickly with ample opportunities to mess
with your opponents.  It always seems to have the
players pointing and laughing.

We have an open copy in our Store Demo Games Library for you to come in and try out.

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