Game Profile: Tsuro

The game of the path.

Mechanics Hand Management, Tile Placement, Network Building
Theme Asian
Publication Calliope Games, 2004
Ages 8+
Time 15 – 20 min
Players 2 – 8
Tsuro; the game of the path is an easy to learn, quick playing game for
2 to 8 players.  Players will select a starting
position for their dragon marker anywhere around the outside of the board.  Players begin the game with 3 tiles that have
a variety of paths depicted on them.  On
their turn a player will select one tile from their hand and place it on the
board on the open space in front of their dragon.  Next the player will move their dragon to the
end of the path on the newly placed tile and as well as across any other tiles
it may connect to – always ending at an open space.  Additionally, any opponent’s dragon that borders
this tile must move to the end their connecting path ending at a new open
space.  The object of the game is to be
the last dragon remaining on the board.  Players
will want to place tiles that move themselves out of harm’s way and their opponents
hurtling off the board.  Dragons are also
eliminated if they collide on a path.

Tsuro works well with 2 or 3 players, and gets totally
insane with 6, 7, or 8 players as we found out when we played it.  This is a great 15 to 20 minute board game.

We have a copy of Tsuro open in our Store Demo Games Library for you to come in
and try out while you are here.

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