Game Arrivals: Week of Oct. 20th – 26th

Here are this week’s arrivals:

Escape: Quest
Queen Games

Newly released from Queen Games is Quest, the 2nd expansion to Escape: Curse of the Temple.

The adventure continues as this expansion introduces 6 customized characters each with 2 specific abilities.  Now, not only do you have to activate the gems before escaping you must also complete a few quests.  There are 5 unique quest chambers, the Tree of Life Chamber, the Task Chamber, the Ghost Chamber, the Special Gems Chamber, and the Dice Chamber.  1-3 of these chambers will be randomly selected and shuffled in with the regular chambers.  As these are revealed players must complete it’s specific requirements before escaping the temple.

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Gloom: Unquiet Dead
Atlas Games
From Atlas Games and just in time for Halloween is Unquiet Dead, the 4th expansion to the popular card game, Gloom. This expansion adds new modifiers, events, and untimely deaths and introduces Stories, Undead, and Timing Symbols.
With Stories, whoever claims a Story gains a special benefit. But just try and see how long you can keep it. The Undead are special modifiers that let players become a supernatural creature perhaps a mummy, or a ghost, or a vampire, or a haunted portrait, etc.  These will also count as both living and dead.  Timing Symbols will tell players if a card has an Instant, Ongoing, or Persistent effect at a glance. The spooks have definitely come out to play in this expansion!

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We’ve brought in another game by Antoine Bauza designer of the award winning games 7 Wonders and Hanabi, and other board games including Ghost Stories and Takenoko.
Passport Game Studios

Tokaido is a 45-60 minute game for 2-5 players.  You are travelers on Japan’s important route that connects Kyoto to Edo (now Tokyo), the East Sea Road.  This route offers a variety of stations in which travelers may acquire souvenirs, meet interesting people, visit shrines, taste local cuisine, take a dip in a hot springs, and collect art panels to complete a beautiful landscape picture.  All of these opportunities provide various ways to score points or gain abilities.  Beginning at either Kyoto or Edo players will all travel in the same direction.  Turn order is determined by the player occupying the last spot on the road. Therefore, players must balance how quickly they want to travel down the road.  Do you move fast and far so you can be first at a desired station’s opportunity? Or do you take your time stopping at more stations?  Each station has a limit on the number of travelers who can stop there so you don’t want to be too far behind as you may miss a valuable opportunity.

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Marvel Legendary
Fantastic Four

Upper Deck

Arriving in Friday will be Marvel Legendary: Fantastic Four, the 2nd expansion to Marvel’s deck-building game.

More heroes to play such as Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer and a new evil Schemes of Masterminds.

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  • Firefly
  • Incan Gold
  • Ligretto Dice

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