Game Arrivals: Week of Apr. 13th – 19th

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and check out this week’s arrivals.  Here’s a look at the some of the games that came in this week:

They’re back in print and back in stock – Carcassonne Mini Expansions!
Carcassonne Mini’s
Z-Man Games
  1. Carcassonne:
    The Flier
    landscape tiles showing a pair of wings are mixed with the other tiles to be
    used in the game.  As flying enthusiasts, the players want to actualize
    mankind’s dream of flying by trying their wings.  Flight length and landing
    places can be troublesome.
  2. Carcassonne:
    The Messages
    message tiles and six new followers. Players gain a second scoring meeple to aid
    in securing messages.  Messages and grant additional points for smallest road,
    city or cloister, banners in a city, or knights… many possibilities. You may
    even get to draw and play an additional tile.
  3. Carcassonne:
    The Ferries
    landscape tiles and eight ferries.  Some roads around
    lead to small lakes.  In these places ferries are operated to connect the roads
    on one side of the lake to the roads on the other side.  These present new
    opportunities for the players.
  4. Carcassonne:
    The Goldmines
     – eight landscape tiles and sixteen gold bars. Gold!  The excitement is huge and
    many come to acquire the precious metal for themselves.  At the end, all will
    settle their accounts.
  5. Carcassonne:
    Mage & Witch
     – eight
    landscape tiles and two wooden figures.  Magical people visit the county of
    Carcassonne.  While the
    power of the mage brings extra value for roads and cities, the inhabitants view
    the abilities of the witch rather distrustfully.
  6. Carcassonne:
    The Robber
     – eight
    landscape tiles and six wooden robbers.  Gangs of robbers are on the way and
    require their tribute. When followers score points, the robbers take some
    points for themselves.

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In from Alderac Entertainment Group is this collection of small box games:

Agent Hunter

Agent Hunter is a 2-player bluff and deduction game. Find and eliminate your opponents’ 3 safe houses to win. Each attack on one of their houses may reveal too much about your own safe houses. Attack, bluff and outmaneuver your opponent is the key to victory.

We have an open copy of Agent Hunter available for you to come in and try out.

Card of the Dead

Card of the Dead is an action card game of survivall for 2-5 players.  Players draw and play one card per round.  Zombies must be played in front of you immediately.  The rest of cards are used to flee the city or bunker down in buildings.  Make the ultimate escape or just be the last one alive to win.

Cheaty Mages

In Cheaty Mages wizards get to bet on monsters battling in an arena.  Naturally, wizards have spells to cast to help the monster they are backing.  But cheat too much, get caught and your favorite monster can be eliminated from the competition.  The wizard with the most gold wins.

Love Letter

Love Letter  is quickly becoming a classic micro-game. 

Love Letter now has the same great game in a boxed edition making it easier to store on your game shelf.

Love Letter
Kanai Factory
Love Letter Kanai Factory  features art from the original game published in Japan.

Love Letter
Legend of the 5 Rings

Love Letter Legend of the 5 Rings features art and characters from the Legend of the 5 Rings universe.

Mai Star is a 3-6 player card game.  Players use cards to either enhance their geisha’s reputation or to serve guests.  Players will want to use their cards quickly. Cards left in their hand create negative points.  After 3 rounds the player with the most money will be the most skillful geisha.

We have an open copy of Mai-Star available for you to come in and try out.
Maximum Throwdown
Maximum Throwdown  is a 2-6 player card game where you try to dominate the cards on the table.  Each player chooses a faction of cards.  Each card has multiple icons representing points or special abilities. On a turn a player will flick a card from their hand onto the playing area attempting to cover icons showing on their opponents played cards.  The object is to have your icons showing and your opponent’s icons covered. Special abilities or points are only effective when they are exposed.  Count you visible icons, score, then attack.

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