Game Profile: Gravwell

Can you escape from the 9th Dimension?

Classification Sci-Fi Abstract Strategy Game
Mechanics Simultaneous Action Selection, Point-to-Point Movement
Publication Renegade, 2013
Ages 10+
Time 20 – 35
Players 1 – 4

Who knew that the Mensa
Select committee would pick a game that generates tons of laughs every time it
hits the table?  Yes,
will make you think as well as laugh.
The objective in Gravwell
is to be the first to pilot your spaceship from the singularity of a black hole
to the warp gate.  Along the way you will
have to deal with the devious maneuvers of your opponents and a couple of
wayward derelict ships.  Each round begins
with a quick card draft.  Each player
will select 3 sets of 2 cards creating a hand of 6 cards.  During this selection process each set of
cards will have one card face up and one card face down.  Next, players will simultaneously select a
card from their hand and place it face down on the table in front of them.  Now the fun really begins.  Each card is depicted with an alphabet
chemical element symbol and a thrust value. 
The chemical element symbol will dictate player turn order with the card
closest to the start of the alphabet going first.  There are 3 types of movement cards.  Green-faced cards propel your ship away from
the closest ship.  Purple-faced Repulsor Ray
cards will propel your ship away from the closest ship.  Teal-faced Tractor Beam cards will pull all
other ships toward your ship.  When you select
cards at the start of the alphabet you can maneuver your ship to be where your
opponents might not expect you to be. 
When you select a card with the end of the alphabet you will want to
determine where your opponents’ ships will be when it’s your turn to move.  When you have cards in the middle of the
alphabet, well good luck!  The derelict
ships always seem to be on the wrong side of your ship. Your opponents, if not
normally devious will soon become that way.
may be a 2014 Mensa Select Winner for the need to psych out what your opponents
are up to, but I like it because it rates really high on laughs per

We have an open copy of Gravwell is available in our Store Demo Library for you come in and try out.

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