Game Profile: Concept

You no longer need to talk in
order to communicate!

Classification Party/Family Game
Publication Asmodee, 2013
Ages 10+
Time 40
Players 3 – 12
Concept is a great addition to any ones party game
collection.  The object of the game is to
get someone to say a word or phrase selected from a list on a card.  The way to get it done is by placing markers
and cubes on a series icons on
game board with 117 universally accepted icons available.  The player giving the clues will begin placing
the Green Question mark on an icon to indicate the main thing the rest of us
are trying to guess.  Green cubes can be
added to other icons to help define the answer. 
In addition Large Exclamation Point markers in 4 different colors along
with matching cubes can be used to define subsets and attributes of the phrase,
person, or activity.
An example, the Green
Question Mark placed on the icon for profession plus a green cube on the male
figure icon could indicate a male profession. 
An Exclamation Point marker on the Nature/Animal icon with matching
cubes on large, brown, and fast icons along with a second Exclamation Point
marker on the male figure icon and its matching cubes on the up and
Mature/Animal icon may indicate the male professional is up on a fast brown
animal.  It could be a cowboy or a
jockey, etc.
Each card in the large
deck of cards has 3 easy, 3 medium, and 3 more difficult words or phrases to
choose from.  They really range from easy
to nearly impossible.  It gets you
thinking outside the box with lots of interaction and a ton of laughs. 
Concept is a great ice breaker with new people or just
a great way to enjoy friends in a non-competitive game.

We have an open copy of Concept available in our Demo
Games Library for you come in and try.

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