Game Profile: Rococo

It’s not just about your
dressmaking business anymore – it’s about managing the most prestigious ball of
the Rococo era!

Classification Strategy Game
Mechanics Area Control, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Set Collection
Publication Eagle Games, 2013
Ages 12+
Time 60 – 90
Players 2 – 5

On the surface Rococo
is a game about making beautiful coats and dresses for noblemen and ladies attending
a prestigious ball.  At its core
Rococo is
a very strategic board game.  Players
begin with 5 employees of varying abilities and a little money.  In each of the 7 rounds players will get to
select 3 employees to play.  Each employee
yields one action and sometimes a bonus action. 
A few select master employees can recruit new employees or they can make
special dresses/coats to occupy prestigious locations in 1 of the 5
ballrooms.  Other employees can gather
materials of silk, lace, and thread, or make a dress, or fund a decoration in numerous
locations, or even claim the queen’s favor to lock up “first player” for the
next round.  Players must cycle through
their employee deck before they are allowed to reuse employees that have been
The goal of Rococo is
to score the most prestige points. 
Points are awarded for each dress/coat you made, each ballroom where you
have the majority of dresses/coats, for decoration spots that you occupy, and
for some combinations on employee cards acquired late in the game.  Additionally, points are awarded for
combinations triggered by decorations on the terrace and on the monuments.  Bonus points are awarded for being the 1st
to put something in each ballroom.  As
you can see, there are many opportunities for accumulating points.
Money is important
throughout the game.  New employees must
be paid for, dress/coat materials must be paid for, and decorations must be
paid some of which are expensive.  Completed
dresses/coats can be sold rather than going to the ball.  Additionally, income is paid at the end of
each round.
Rococo is a game that will
require multiple plays to really get a handle on.  But it won’t be hard to get those plays
in.  The game brings a little bit of deck
building, some resource management, and a number of different ways to get
points.  Roll that in with a beautiful
board, good components, and balanced game play and you have a winner of a game
even if you are not the best dressed at the ball.

We have an open copy of Rococo available in our Demo
Games Library for you come in and try.

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