Game Profile: Dice City

Roll Build Win in this dice-crafting
tactical game!

Classification Strategy Game
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Resource Management
Publication AEG, 2016
Ages 14+
Time 45
Players 1 – 4
Dice City introduces the kingdom of Rolldovia.  Each player gets to build on their own large
player board featuring 30 beginning buildings. 
These buildings yield 1 of 3 types of resources; stone, wood, and iron,
or 1 army strength value, or 1 victory point. 
Five buildings will be activated per player each turn.  Players each roll a set of 5 different
colored dice (white, red, blue, yellow, and black) and place them on their
player board with the white die in the white row on the building corresponding to
the number rolled.  They will do the same
for each other colored dice.  On their
turn, players will collect all the resources triggered by the buildings rolled.  Then with these resources they will buy more
powerful buildings to place in their city covering up beginning buildings.  There are lumber mills to double wood
production, quarries to double stone production and mines to double iron
production.  Also, there are regular army
buildings to double military might and other special ability buildings
available to acquire.  The central
marketplace offers a combination of 8 buildings at any time.
The object of the game
is to score the most points.  Some
buildings yield points when they are activated by your dice but most will have
an end-of-game point value.  Victory
points can also be gained by using your military might to defeat bandits, or by
using your resources to acquire trade ships. 
The game typically ends when all of the bandits have been killed or 2 of
the 3 piles of trade ships have been acquired.
There are a couple of
things that really make this game cool. 
Players can choose which buildings on their board to cover.  You are not restricted to covering production
buildings with newly acquired production buildings.  You can cover resource producing buildings
with military or specialty buildings and vice versa.  Players can only hold 1 resource of each type
at the end of their turn.  Players cannot
stockpile. This forces players to their resources as efficiently as
possible.  Players can mitigate less
desirable dice rolls by sacrificing a die in one row to move a die in another
row 1 space to the right or left. 
In Dice City, there are several strategies to pursue, a ton of tactical decisions to be mad and ample opportunity to moan and groan about bad dice rolls.

We have an open copy of Dice City available in our Demo Games
Library for you come in and try.

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