Game Profile: Forbidden Desert

Gear up for a thrilling
adventure to recover a legendary flying machine.

Classification Cooperative Game
Mechanics Modular Board, Action Point Allowance
Publication Gamewright, 2016
Ages 10+
Time 45
Players 2 – 5
Forbidden Desert sends players in search of a buried flying machine that they
must find and rebuild to survive.  There are
3 different ways to lose this cooperative game and only 1 way to win.  In order to win players must locate and dig
out of the sand 4 machine parts.  They
must grab al 4 parts and get to the flying machine with them to escape and
win.  The desert will conquer the team of
adventurers if any 1 team member runs out of water, or the sand storm meter
rises above 6, or there are not enough sand markers to cover the areas buried
in the latest storm.  It looks like there
will be plenty of sand markers, but players will quickly learn there may not
The game begins with
each player getting a character card with its own special ability.  The roles are:  archeologist, climber, explorer, meteorologist,
navigator, and water carrier.  The board
consists of desert tiles randomly set in a 5.5 grid with the center spot vacant
representing the storm.  Eight sand tiles
are placed in a diamond pattern on the desert tiles.  In turn players can take 4 actions each.  They can move, clear sand off a tile, excavate
a tile in hopes of finding water, a helpful tool, the last flying machine in
hopes of finding water, a helpful tool, the lost flying machine or a clue to
where 1 off the 4 parts are buried.  They
can also pick up a part once it is located and it isn’t covered in sand.
After each player’s turn they will draw a
number of cards from the deck of storm cards. 
The storm deck will cause the storm to move desert tiles, and place a
sand marker on any tile that moves. 
There are also “Sun Beats Down” cards that when drawn cause all players
to use some of their water that is in short supply.  In addition there are “Storm Picks Up” cards
that increase the intensity on the storm meter.
The intensity of this game picks up quickly.  It only takes a couple of turns to realize
how precious the water supply is.  Over
time it will be clear the sand tokens can run out or the storm meter can reach
the top before the team can get everything done they need to get done.  Teamwork is essential to keep everyone
supplied with water while the search carries on across this 
Forbidden Desert.  This search can be impeded if a
player gets 2 or more sand markers on the same desert tile they are on.
  Then they spend their turn digging out before
they can continue their search.
Industry Awards: Mensa Select Award

We have an open copy of Forbidden Desert  available in our Demo Games Library for you come in and try.

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