Games Go “Off The Charts”: Portal Of Heroes, Saboteur The Duel, and Mystery Rummy

More games went “Off The Charts” this past Monday.  It was a gorgeous day for a picnic lunch at Trillium Lake in Mt Hood National Forest.

A scenic spot with Mt Hood in the background
 to hang out for awhile and play some games .

Saboteur the Duel
Mayfair Games
The first game to the table was Saboteur The Duel, a two-player version of the classic multi-player Saboteur.  Ron’s green dwarf ended being the better miner with well established pathways to the treasure cards.  He was also more sinister as he seriously blocked Lynn.  Her blue dwarf is probably still lost in the mine.

Saboteur The Duel

Mystery Rummy
Jekyll & Hyde
Eagle Gryphon Games
Next out of the box and onto the table was Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde, a two-player card game that’s a combination of traditional rummy and a good mystery.   Lynn made great use of the Potion card to get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde visible at just the right times to claim a big victory.

Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Portal Of Heroes
Mayfair Games
We still had some time left before we needed to get going so we pulled out Portal Of Heroes, a fantasy card game for 2 to 5 players.  Ron had to hoard four #7 pearl cards to score a 4-point creature card at the last minute to claim the win and to get even with Lynn for beating me at this game at Friday’s Game Night.
Portal Of Heroes

All of three of these games are small box games that make it easy to take anywhere and play.  They are available in our Demo Games Library for you to come in and play.

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Continue to tune for more games that go “Off the Charts”
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