Games Go “Off The Charts”: Villages Of Valeria, Honshu, and Pyramids

This past Monday was a gorgeous day to take a few games “Off The Charts”.  After taking care of some necessary chores we packed a few games in our backpacks and headed out.

A short hike along the Clackamas River brought us to a perfect spot for some spirited gaming.

Villages Of Valeriaa
Daily Magic Games

The first game that hit the table was Villages Of Valeria, a big village-building card game in a small box.

As usual, Lynn used some powerful Adventurers to outscore me.  Whenever we play this game the score always end up close, and this one was no different.

Next we pulled out Honshu and tried the 2-player variant for the first time.

Honshu is a map building card game for 2 to 5 players that we’ve played mostly in the 4-player mode. After playing we found the 2-player variant really works and my massive forests and lakes proved to be enough for a narrow win.

Renegade Games

Finally we moved our table to a little shadier spot for a game of Pyramidsa clever card drafting and necropolis building card game  I had the best pyramid score, but Lynn pulled away with a ton of glyph icons in the right structures to steal the win.  Maybe I should have kept the table in the sun.


All of three of these games are small box games that make it easy to take anywhere and play.  They are available in our Demo Games Library for you to come in and play.

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Continue to tune for more games that go “Off the Charts”
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